Mercedes-Benz Marketing

AutoPoint OnDemand

Mercedes-Benz is synonymous with luxury and they maintain a high quality standard across all facets of their business. I was excited to join the small team of designated designers and implementation specialists for the Mercedes-Benz Engage marketing portal. From coupon layouts to copy writing and coding - we rolled out a custom and unique experience for Mercedes-Benz clients in the AutoPoint on demand marketing platform. This was no small effort and an ongoing mission of improvements that has been consistently challenging and rewarding. Supporting print, email and social marketing - we have expanded to newspaper, digital display ads, vehicle wraps and beyond.

Automotive Marketing

AutoPoint OnDemand

AutoPoint is an automotive technology company that offers software for owners and businesses to maintain their day to day activities and auto maintenance schedules. In addition to these software tools AutoPoint offers marketing on demand for franchise dealers and after market stores. I have designed and developed multiple campaigns that span both print, email, and social marketing.

Woven Textile and Product Design

SML for UpCountry

Designing fun and functional collars for people's best friends was a project I found very rewarding both creatively and ethically. UpCountry was an excellent company to work with and I worked directly with them in developing a variety of collars that have since become favorites. I worked to develop seamless patterns for weaving that were setup to compliance with modern loom standards. Above is a showcase of some of those designs and their adorable fans.

Brand Development and Web Scheduiing

Julie's Critter Care

Julie’s Critter Care was founded by Julie Cornell in 2010. I started working with Julie to develop and market her brand in 2011 with logos, business cards, letterheads, event signage, car decals and more. Julie’s small business soon grew to an overwhelming amount of clients with an ever changing schedule to manage. I then took on the challenge of organizing a website and booking portal to make the process easier for both Julie and her clients.

Niche Editorial Travel Guide

Ride Arizona Magazine

I had the pleasure of designing the 2013-2015 editions of RideArizona magazine - a niche publication for motorcycle enthusiasts in the copper state. I played an integral role in developing this publication including the design of maps, responsive web design, advertising, and more. I made it my mission to overhaul the editorial content including motorcycle tour routes, places of interest and trivia. Working closely with marketing managers from Kawaski and Law Tigers I was able to generate new and exciting layouts. Law Tigers enjoyed their spread so much they requested to share it on their sites!

Editorial Digest with Maps and Event Calendar

Cruise Maine and Cruise New Hampshire Magazines

In 2013 the popular niche publication CruiseMaine Magazine premiered the addition of CruiseNewHampshire Magazine on it's flip side. I played an integral role in developing this publication including the design of maps, responsive website design, advertising, and more. From writing content to taking photos at events - I had my hands on all aspects of this project. I designed and coded the web and mobile sites in addition to helping implement HTML flipbooks with clickable ad links for both desktop and mobile devices; maximizing the ROI for all advertisers.

Tourism Travel Guide with Business and Event Directory

Northern Maine Development Commission Aroostook Visitors Guide

I had the pleasure of creating the 2013-2015 Aroostook Visitor Guides for the Northern Maine Development Commission and Aroostook County Tourism board. After supplying a concept design as part of a bid to win this project they supplied the content while I created the layouts, much of the advertising and developed the directory organization structure. This guide was distributed to over 100,000 people visitor centers across New England and by mail order online.

APEX Event and Promotional Materials

Resurgence Dance Company

APEX is an original contemporary ballet put together by Ashley Steeves of Resurgence Dance Company, performed by the RDC Dancers and composed by Devin Cromwell of Trebled Production LLC. I was brought in to do the illustration and design for all of the marketing materials including banners, tshirts, cds and even projection slides for the live performances. This was a large multi-faceted project that was a true joy to work on. Above are some of the examples of designs produced for this project.