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All ships rise with the tide. A simple message of equality – of camaraderie and lifting others up along with you. This design was created after I said the phrase one too many times to a coworker who had never heard it before and encouraged me to make it a thing. A reminder not to forget about all the people who helped you get what you have or where you are. To share your surplus wealth whatever it may be. (Love, Support, Kindness, Money, Art, Ideas)

John F Kennedy brought the phrase into the mainstream zeitgeist when he said “a rising tide lifts all boats” during a bid to cut taxes for trade partners – to express the idea that when the overall economy improves everyone who is part of the economy benefits. Reagan used the phrase during his campaigns for what became known as trickle down economics, Trumps campaign also used this phrase as well as Obama himself. Of course there is debate over the idealistic and misleading nature of this phrase when used within the constraints of politics and economy, within a system setup to inherently benefit one group over another. At its core this phrase has its origins in the New England fishing trade and John F Kennedy noted that himself. The New England Council even used “a rising tide lifts all the boats” as their official slogan.

This design was executed in Adobe Illustrator as vector graphics for the highest quality possible. Designs were then modified to meet embroidery standards for text and subsequently applied to several products with several modifications and variations.

Monochromatic embroidery was intentionally selected on several designs to add an element of casual sophistication. A vintage wash treatment was applied to add a washed and worn in effect to the printed shirts while a crisp print was used for the enamel camp mug and eco tote. An additional graphic depicting a rainbow and clouds with the text “all ships rise with the tide” was added to the back collar area of the printed adult and youth shirts.