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Pet Essences is a multigenerational family-owned company that are dedicated to providing the highest quality formulas possible to care for household pets, farm and ranch animals, and those that swim and fly.

You can purchase Pet Essences formulas on Amazon or their website.

With a team that is passionate about helping animals achieve optimal health and well-being through the use of proprietary flower essence formulas – all of their products are made with sustainable ingredients and are suitable for animals of all ages. 

Project Scope:
Color Palette + Typography
Vector Symbols
Packaging Graphics
Brochure Layout

Every effort was taken to select colors and values that not only expressed the intent of the formulas but provided enough differentiating contrast to be identified across ten different types of color vision deficiency (CVD).

With a wide variety of formulas across 5 categories, it was a vital part of the design process to ensure accurate identification of the different formula treatment categories regardless of Color blindness or color vision deficiency (CVD). It was important to take additional measures so a customer would not confuse a health formula (green), with an immediate need (orange) or emergency formula (red). 

Once the base bottle label layout and full color palette for all categories were squared away the labels were test printed and minor adjustments made for ideal final output. All labels were created from the base design created in Adobe Illustrator ready to be edited if necessary at any time.

After bottle packaging came the brochure concept layout update. Several layout options and variations were presented and revisions made until the final brochure layout is sent to the printer.

This Pet Essences brochure is intended not only to inform on the history of the company, safety of the product and the variety of formulas available  but also to announce the packaging update and encourage web activity.