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Though Cruise Maine magazine existed before I came onto the project, Cruise New Hampshire Magazine was a new introduction and a unique layout. The challenge was to refresh content and interject some fun into the editorial designs while developing the sister branding.

Design and layout of this digest sized travel guide for classic car enthusiasts in New England was a massive undertaking. Attention to detail, organization and maintaining client relationships was key to the success of this magazine.

In addition to the magazine refresh I was able to bring web design and coding in-house allowing it to better reflect the new design changes with a mobile responsive layout and mobile friendly online version of the magazine with clickable ads.

Cruise Maine Magazine is your one stop source for all of the classic car and cruising information in the beautiful state of Maine!

Year after year Cruise Maine Magazine is the leading free publication for classic car enthusiasts. In addition to events, each issue provides interesting articles and information about classics, tuners, and rat rods! 

• Custom Vector Maps
• Advertising Design
• Client Relations
• Event Directory Formatting
• Editorial Content Development

• Image Manipulation
• Infographics
• Web Design + Coding
• HTML 5 Flipbook with Linked Ads
• Animated Web Banners

The 2013 edition of Cruise Maine magazine saw the premier of Cruise New Hampshire magazine on the flip-side of the Cruise Maine issue. The layout, spreads and logistics of a book that would flip over part way through was an added challenge on top of the creation of all new maps, event calendar and area info. Maintaining the brand design and feel and respecting the uniqueness of New Hampshire was a focus while expanding the cruise concept in a new region.

Event Directory Formatting
Managing the event directory formatting was a challenge. Listings are divided by recurring and one off events, labeled by region, organized by date.

Cruise New Hampshire
For every feature of Cruise Maine magazine an equal feature was created for the New Hampshire flip side of the issue. Design elements were subtly changed but layout remained the same.

Regional Editorial Content
Every region needs an introduction and enticing narrative of the area to help draw the viewer in. I wrote brand new copy for new towns and rewrote the old stale copy for all regions.

Corporate Advertising Partners
I worked closely with NAPA Marketing and local stores to develop this two page spread ad with listings of NAPA locations across the state.